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Pierce Dentistry Kids 

Kids 5 and up are welcome! Good kids get a surprise gift if they are well behaved during their appointment !

Keep Smiling.

Brush your Teeth!

Health Tips for Kids

Stay Fit: Exercise and play outside.

Run, play sports and play games! Staying active is good for your health. Exercise keeps your muscles and body healthy. It also makes you feel happy and energetic!

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables is good for you! It keeps your bones, muscles, skin and hair grow strong and healthy. It is important for your teeth too! 

Brush Your teeth!

Fight off cavities and bad breath by brushing your teeth twice a day! Brushing your teeth fights off plaque and bacteria.
Ask mom or dad to download our teeth brushing chart bellow to measure your progress! 
When you brush your teeth for a whole month, see if they will give you a reward for your hard work! 
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